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Shnazzy, i know

Welcome to the AW MOVIES official site. well, it has been a while, and if you haven't noticed (or if you ever knew,) we have lost our domain name of AWMOVIES.TK the reason for this is because we did not get enough hits on this site on a normal basis to keep the domain name, but hey, we're still good, we are still under the old domain name ( well now we are using another site for movie storage, so we can have as many movies as we want on the site, though when you click on the link for the movie you will be directed to another site. but it is still there for your viewing pleasure, check out the new stuff, including some of the animated features...which may be badly animated, but they are funny as heck. (do not watch if you are easily offended by "bad words") -AW


Coming soon: "PASSED"

NEW STUFF: Uncle Mev-Switch Ad, UNWELCOMED Preview. and animated movies.



GUESS WHAT!!! There is now a AW Movies Forum. ( calls it a blog, but screw them, it's a forum) check it out!

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