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About AW

The History of AW Movies

           A Long long time ago, about two years ago to be exact,one man  discovered a camera in his attic. this man was the creator of AW Movies. his name is not important. for now we shall call him "AW". Well, he started filming little doo-dads, some stop-motion animation stuff and such.  Eventually he got some friends, and AW Movies started to grow. As the years went by, new concepts were learned, and movies became better, though at the start most of the footage was of a big fat guy falling down. Nowadays there is a multitude of people envolved in, or interested in being apart of AW Movies. As the love for making films became stronger, the movies became more interesting. Now there are a few good movies to speak of (Dream Drifter, Le Pente, ect...) and more to come, granted that people are still interested. AW Movies cannot exsist without people being interested and watching them, so i would like to thank personally everyone who has encouraged, watched, or helped with AW Movies! -AW

AW Is Everywhere, you just have to look for it.

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